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Vernonia Rural Fire Protection District is committed to providing professional fire, rescue, and emergency medical services to the citizens of Vernonia. The department is made up of volunteer and career staff who dedicate their time for the safety of the community. We also work toward improving fire safety through community awareness, fire station tours, and community service. 

At Vernonia Rural Fire Protection District our values are "Putting People First Through Pride, Honor, and Integrity."

The mission is to provide high quality fire, rescue, and medical care to our community through highly trained and dedicated career and volunteer firefighters.


Our vision to be the leader for the fire service throughout our county, and region. Focusing on service delivery that is fast, reliable, and cutting edge. We will be an aggressive fire district that puts the lives of our community members above all else. 



Get in touch with Vernonia Rural Fire Protection District to learn more about our services, or to find out how to volunteer!

555 E Bridge St, Vernonia, OR 97064, USA

(503) 429-8252

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